Our Dream Team!


Petra Terzi

Founder & Festival Director /
CINE@ART Magazine Editor / 

Keep going …. Keep smiling … The best has not come yet:) Think and dream big and globally for the good of the humanity and all personal and minor wishes are fulfilled:) Stand united!


Chris Eliades

Conceptual design & development / Festival Advisor

Stimulate all the senses and create an interval awakening.


Thodoros Maragos

Film Director / Festival Advisor

In old times in Greece, there was a cinema that was characterized as melodrama because it was only addressed to the feeling of the spectator and there was very crying. He remained in history as the cinema of Martha Vourtsi. It was the so-called commercial cinema. Later, when cinema became governmental ( greek film center ) and was primed, it launched another cinema that it was addressed only in the mind of the viewer. It was the so-called cinema of alienation . It stayed in history as tholokoultouriarikos . Movies that appeal to the minds but also to the feeling of the viewer have not been in Greece, apart from some movies made by some independent directors.


Maria Palmer

Programming & Selection committee

Good movies can influence the audience and participate in the reform of society by sending out the proper messages. The magnificent world of quality movies can be useful source of information and a unique experience for each viewer’s mind-set. Viewers react different at each movie genre depending on their individual perceptions, beliefs, ideas and opinions. Others watch movies to entertain themselves, where others watch movies to appreciate the art and creativity, or to experience the thinking of different mind-sets, cultures, and new technologies. Others want the thrill of a shocking twisting scenario, or just to find some type of balance. Quality movies can be a Universal form of communication with positive impact on global range.


Olga Dimou

Press Office

To be loved is a success. To love is a duty. To be with someone you love is an achievement. To be with someone who loves me, this is life!


George Kemerlis

Interviews / translations



Evgenia Vlachou

Graphic designer / CINE@ART magazine designer



Mladen Šajinović

Conceptual Architect / Visual Artist / Web Developer & Design

if ( sad() === true){ 
“If you can`t explain it to a six year old, you don`t understand it yourself.”-A.E.


Vince Fraser

Art Director

” Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others”

Vince Fraser is an award winning illustrator / designer based in East London who has worked for various clients including British Airways, Coca -Cola ,Dell and T-Mobile just to name a few. Having originally come from an Interior Design background , the progression to digital arts was a natural one. Specialising in digital illustration ranging from 2d vector work, photo montage , image manipulation and 3d modelling, Vince`s work has continued to develop and inspire creating vibrant , innovative and evocative artwork. Implementing a variety of elements from photographs to typography and vector illustration, his compositions conceal a broad palette. Having a great eye for detail he is always pushing the boundaries and describes his style as contemporary but with a twist of retro.
Vince`s highly versatile work can be found anywhere internationally from mobile phone accessories , VIP lounges through to luxury apartments and is starting to get the recognition it highly deserves. His work is regularly featured in design and industry publications such as Advanced Photoshop, IDN , Computer Arts and Digital Arts.

Wen Hong Antoniades



Wen Hong Antoniades

Video Advertisement Producer






   Zhong Kanglin
      Representative in China, Sponsorship fundraising.

George    George E. Mehalchick

                                             Legal Representative, Talent Agent.