George F. RobersonGeorge F. Roberson – Writer and Producer

A broadly trained and experienced academic, advocate, and entrepreneur, Roberson was Fulbright Scholar to Morocco, holds a PhD from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, has lived,  worked, and visited over sixty countries and hitch-hiked across the Sahara. Since 2015, he’s served on the Jury of Cyprus International Film Festival and Bridges International Film Festival (Greece). His first feature, Joshua Tree (2014) world premiered at Cyprus International Film Festival, won Best Director at Mexico International Film Festival and was in-competition at Bratislava International Film Festival. Through his cooperative media NGO, Collaborative Media International, he develops a variety of socially informed initiatives focused on sites of confrontation and contestation. A USA citizen, in recent years he’s been living in Guatemala (one of the world’s most dangerous and impoverished countries, yet brimming with youthful potential and perhaps at the cusp of overdue change)  making his new film, Jose? – longing in Guatemala, a simple story about love.