Synopsis: “I Remember When I Die” is a film filled with humour and light. It is partly shot at life’s last destination, a hospice, whose guests do everything from extending their insect collections to tenderly caring for a flower in order to make the most of their final days on earth. Partly, it is dramatised with the help of actors who are tasked with putting the existential matters the film revolves around into words. We meet the people, both the living and the dying – but we are also thrown out into a dream world of memories and forgotten fragments.

I Remember When I Die


Genre: Drama

Producer: Anna-Maria Kantarius

Director: Maria Baeck

Starring: Arvid Carlsson, Finn Hedegaard Jensen, Bodil Vinther Sørensen, Ole Mehl, Evalena von Hausswolff, Christina Wassberg

Duration: 84′

Language: Danish, Swedish
Subtitles: English&Greek


I Remember When I Die – Maria Baeck, Denmark, 2015, 84′, 19/9/16, 10pm @ANU