This story deals with issues of three girls.

One, born in a brothel and turned into a prostitute. Her character signifies strength.

Two, a girl from a small village abducted at a very young age, turned into a prostitute. This character signifies devotion.

And three, a medical college student (signifies intelligence) abducted to be sold to a wealthy Sheikh.

When they all come together due to the circumstances, the student agitates the rest of the girls for a revolution to fight the greater evil, the one responsible for their miserable lives. Their struggles are handled in a delicate manner along with the individual’s beautiful love life.

With all their power, do they succeed in this torturous game of life and see the light at the end of the tunnel is the journey of the film Urvi.

Director Statement

“Education is not to become a dictionary, but is to become a story”

URVI – Pradeep Varma, India, 2017, 150’– Κυριακή 18/6/17 @ Neapolis University, Pafos, 12:00π.μ.