HER STORYThis film was born due to death. With his film just about done, director Shantanu Roy faces a turbulent time, leaving him to fight two battles. One of cancer and another, his film’s censor. In a democracy like India, his film gets censored for a bizarre reason. Dejected, Shantanu is confused on what to do in the short span of time that he has left. Whom will he save? His own creation or the person he has spent most of his life with? As we follow Shantanu’s war for life, we realize that cancer is not just a disease of the living, it is present in our thoughts, our actions, our society. It is capable of single-handedly destroying the democratic rights of human beings; capable of silencing a work of art. Based on a true story of recent times, this is a film of love, passion and war.

“Tar Golpo (Her Story)” – Sudipta Dey, India, 2019, 140’