TANIEL-posterWar permeates the country and mass arrests take place across the city whilst the poet’s home is broken, his name ticked off the list never to return again – a casualty of the Armenian Genocide.

  • Garo Berberian
  • Ben Hodgson
  • Nare Ter-Gabrielyan
  • Narrated by Sean Bean
    Key Cast -(Lord Of The Rings, Sharpe, Game of Thrones)
  • Tigran Gaboyan – Key Cast
  • Yeğya Akgün – Key Cast
  • Samvel Grigoryan – Key Cast
  • Shoghakat MLké-Galstian – Key Cast
  • Ani Poghosyan – Key Cast
  • Mamikon Poghosyan – Key Cast

“Taniel” – Garo Berberian, Armenia/UK, 2018, 20′