Synopsis: Syrian war refugees take advantage of a Turkish border guard’s love for a Syrian girl and as they ‎meet, the refugees cross the border safely. The girl finds out about her family’s secret business of ‎crossing the refugees and is caught in the dilemma of love or treachery‏.‏

Red Peace

2016, IRAN

Producer: Mitra Vatan Khah, Farhad Abdizadeh, Mehdi Rafi

Writer: Shahnam Sojudizadeh

Director: Rahim Toofan

Starring: Katrin Aslani, Hoseyn Khani, Hesam Ghadimi, Somayeh Toofan

Duration: 15′

Language: Kurdish&Turkish
Subtitles: English&Greek

Red Peace – Rahim Toofan, Iran, 2016, 15′ @ANU, Questions and Answers with the Director