PRESS RELEASE 13/06/2018

 13th Cyprus International Film Festival “Golden Aphrodite”

23 June – 1 July 2018

50/50 Gender Εquality in Cinema


We are celebrating the thirteenth edition of the Cyprus International Film Festival “Golden Aphrodite”. This year we have elevated the festival activities to take place at two venues in Pafos which will host the film screenings and parallel events. The festival venue is located in the heart of Pafos at the Cultural Centre Palia Ilektriki. Registration and more screenings will be held in our second venue, Neapolis University in Kato Pafos. The 13th Cyprus International Film Festival dates are from June 23 to July 1. Entrance is FREE! Come one, come all!

The Cyprus International Film Festival (CYIFF) takes place annually under the umbrella of the Cultural International Festivals network. Our goal is to be the best European Film Festival for first shown filmmakers. The festival is a non-profit organization inaugurated on March 23, 2006 by the Cypriot Minister of Education and Culture, Mr Pefkios Georgiades. Since then, we have demonstrated our commitment to professionally organizing this event annually despite many obstacles. The festival promotes both new talents in filmmaking and the island of Cyprus as the ideal cinematic tourist destination. The festival is dedicated exclusively to passionate, emerging independent filmmakers who will present their films to a VIP Jury of international celebrities in the film industry. With the first feature films in the category “Golden Aphrodite” and the first short films in the category of “CYIFF Got Talent”, the festival’s motto is “The Best of the First!”.  The festival also includes the following categories:

  • “Women making films” (female directors and/or producers eligible for the Aphrodite Cinematic Award)
  • “50/50” films with equality of men and women in film credits
  • “Peace” – A tribute with film screenings and other activities that promote peace
  • Feature films by experienced film directors (eligible for the “CYPress Veteran Award”)
  • Animation films
  • Documentary films
  • Music/Dance films


Parallel Events:

a) Workshop “CYIFF 2018 Pegasus Cinema Lab” – a short film will be produced during the festival in cooperation with the Master in Digital Video Production from Neapolis University and screened at the “Golden Aphrodite” Awards Ceremony.

b) “CYIFF 2018 Script Contest” and “CYIFF 2018 Table Read” (reading scripts by Cypriot and foreign actors).

c) “Myths and TalesGroup Photo & Video Art Exhibition with Cypriot and foreign photographers and artists. Curated by  Petra Terzi-events manager, Panicos Stelikos – Chairman of Nicosia Photographic Society and Sozi Konstantinidou-painter.

d) “50/50 Gender Equality in Arts” : Masterclass in Financing and Gender Equality in Filmmaking  with Carol Bidault de l’Isle – award winning producer and Vice Chair of Women in Film and Television International.

e) The Power of Choice and How to Use it in Filmmaking – a class with Thalia Alexiou- writer and holistic therapist.

f) Parties.


Juries: The VIP Jury for the feature films in the “Golden Aphrodite” and the “Veteran” categories includes Bill Butler-Director of Photography (Jaws by Steven Spielberg (1975), Rocky II (1979), Rocky III (1983), Rocky IV (1985), Grease (1978) etc, Vivek Singhania – producer, George F Roberson – producer, writer, Carol Bidault de l’Isle – producer (Walking to Paris – Peter Greenaway, Columbia, MGM και Paramount),  and Julie Holman – producer.

The “CYIFF Script Contest” jury includes  J.L. Morin – award winning writer  (Huffington Post), Anastasios Vassileiou – designer of new media and Petra Terzi – film director and producer.

Cinephiles from everywhere are invited to join the independent jury committee. Eleni Petropoulou-actress, Sokratis Lampropoulos- art director, Milton Louizides-director, Anna Achiola-producer, Bejay Browne-film director and journalist and Daneeta Loretta Jackson – producer will select the best of the documentaries, the experimental and the short films in the Festival.

Volunteers  are welcome to join our enthusiastic Festival team. Please send an email to

The organizers wish to express their gratitude to volunteers, jurors, sponsors, supporters and partners: Cyprus Tourism Organisation, Municipality of Pafos,  Cyprus National Machinery for Women’s Rights, Neapolis University in Pafos, Cultural International Festivals Inc, CYTA, Papyrus Trinity Star, Suite 48,  Otto Dieci as well as the media sponsors CYBC, TVOne, ΕRΤ3, 9,58FM, 102FM,  Rock FM, Radio Pafos, Αlithia, Prestige Pafos & Cine@Art Magazines. See our FB page for updates:



“Golden Aphrodite”
Since 2006, as part of the festival, there have been significant parallel cultural and educational events:


  • Poster Exhibition of films of Krzyzstof Kieslowski on loan from Lotz Film Museum in Poland Russian Cultural Center (CYIFF 2008)
  • Photographic Exhibition “Byzantine castles of Greece”, by Angelos & Vangelis Rassias, in transfer from the Benaki Museum in Greece, in Kastelliotissa (CYIFF 2006).
  • Workshop “Special Effects” with Alahouzos Brothers in Hotel Amathus (CYIFF 2006).
  • Workshop “Make up for the Cinema” with Alahouzos Brothers at Hotel Amathus (CYIFF 2006).
  • Overview of the history of Greek Animation in cooperation with the Hellenic Audiovisual Institute, (CYIFF 2007).
  • Tribute to Russian Cinema in collaboration with Cine Fantom Club, the oldest film club in Moscow, in Russian Cultural Centre (CYIFF 2008).
  • Tribute to contemporary Polish cinema in cooperation with the Polish Film Institute (CYIFF 2010).
  • Seminar «3D Animation» with Giotis Katsambas in the Russian Cultural Center (CYIFF 2008)
  • Seminar “Getting started in writing screenplays” with Dr Andrew Horton, Director of Film Studies at the University of Oklahoma, U.S.A., and award-winning screenwriter (“The Dark Side of the Sun” with Brad Pitt) in Hotel Amathus (CYIFF 2006)
  • Seminar / Workshop “Actor in front of the camera” with the award-winning actor and director Thanasi Sarantos, which produced a short film (CYIFF 2010)
  • Seminar Masterclass with award winning Director of Photography Olympia Mytilineou (“Strella”, “Miss Violence” – CYIFF 2013)
  • “CYIFF-Hollywood Scriptwriting Workshop” with the acclaimed  U.S. writer and producer Mitchell Peck (CYIFF 2014)
  • Photo Exhibition “Human Relationships” (CYIFF 2017)
  • Masterclass with the acclaimend actor Anthony Skordi (CYIFF 2017)
  • “Pegasos Cinema Lab” produces a short film during the festival to be screened at the “Golden Aphrodite” Awards ceremony



“Golden Aphrodite”


They have served as members of the jury in 2006, several prominent artists and filmmakers such as the following:


  • Papamichael Phaedon, production designer on films of John Cassavetes and Artistic Director of the festival since 2007
  • Papamichael Phaedon Jr, award-winning cinematographer, (L.A., USA) and advisor to the festival
  • Dr Andrew Horton, Director of Film Studies at the University of Oklahoma, U.S.A.
  • Stuart Alson, director of the New York Film & Video Festival (L.A., USA)
  • Directors: Chris Eyre (“Sundance”, USA), Nick Koundouros, Alice Danezi-Knutsen, Archimedes Dennis Zervos (L.A., USA), Tony Srour, Nicolas Demetriou, Socrates Lambropoulos, Michael Georgiades, Christos Georgiou, Oliver Kyr (Germany), Hu Xiuyang (China)
  • Kakkavas Alexander, President of Scriptwriters, Greece
  • Stars: Q-Orianka Kilscher (“Pocahontas – New World”) (L.A., USA), Anna-Maria Marinca, Sofia Shinas (L.A., USA), Costas Demetriou, Helen Petropoulos, Alexandra Pavlides, Chloe Liaskou, Anna Synodinou, Anthony Skordi (L.A., USA)
  • Film Producers: Gregory Cascante (L.A.,USA), Georges Stephanopoulos (N.Y., USA), Vassos Giorgas (Greece), Vivek Singhania (India), George F. Roberson (USA), Mitchell Peck (USA)
  • Music Composers: Costas Cacoyannis, Dimitris Katis, Maro Theodorakis, Stavros Sideras
  • Alexandros Romanos Lizardos, film critic (ERT / Nerit)
  • Olympia Mytilineou, Director of Photography (Strella, Miss Violence)
  • Bill Butler, Director of Photography (Jaws, Rocky II,III, IV, Godfather etc)














12th Cyprus International Film Festival 14-24 June @ Pafos.
-TOP 100 Best reviewed festivals among 5.500 film festivals worldwide-

ANNOUNCEMENT: 2nd “Pegasos Cinema Lab” – 14-22 June @ Pafos.


A script contest for a short movie that will be filmed in Pafos, Cyprus. It will be screened during the “Golden Aphrodite” Awards Ceremony at the 12th Cyprus International Film Festival, June, Pafos!
All scripts received will be evaluated and feedback will be given about the work. The committee will select the most complete and suitable script which will result in the creation of a short film that will be screened during the “Golden Aphrodite” Awards Ceremony. The only prerequisite for the script is that the story takes place in Pafos and that the duration of the shooting is two days. The festival will offer the necessary equipment for both the shooting and the editing. No previous experience in film is needed and all participants will be credited. A certificate of participation will also be given.
Should you require more information about the “Pegasos Cinema Lab” or have a script you want to submit, send an email to with “Pegasos Cinema Lab” in the Subject line.
Workshop cost: 50 euros.

“The Party” and “Anochi i Figi?” are the TWO short films produced in the 1st Pegasos Cinema Lab during the  Bridges International Film Festival ΓΕΦΥΡΕΣ-Παγκόσμιος Κινηματογράφος, last October 2016 in Nafplio, Greece:


Facebook EVENT page


12th Cyprus International Film Festival “Golden Aphrodite”

June 14-24, 2017 at Pafos.

We celebrate the ranking in the TOP 100 Best reviewed festivals among 5.500 film festivals worldwide according to Filmfreeway and we kindly invite you to participate in the various activities of the 12th Cyprus International Film Festival, June 14-24 in Pafos.

The festival is supported locally and internationally by the Cyprus Tourism Organisation, the Municipality of Pafos, the Neapolis University in Pafos and the Cultural International Festivals Inc.

Please express your interest and ask more info by email at or tel 99798112.


a) “Pegasos Cinema Lab” – June 14-22, Pafos. MAKE A SHORT FILM IN PAFOS!

Script contest, reviewing and analysis, storytelling development, casting, pre-production, shooting and post-production of a short movie that will be filmed in Pafos.

The short film will be screened during the “Golden Aphrodite” Awards Ceremony at the 12th Cyprus International Film Festival on June 24.

Instructors:Katerina Flora – Psychologist, Msc European Literature and Culture / Lia Myridaki – film director / Petra Terzi – film director, producer.

b) Video art: SPACE – ARCHITECURE AND COMPASSION Sunday June 18, Pafos, 19:00 @ ATTIKON Cinema (Interior area), Pafos

  • Audiovisual works by Neapolis University students. Curator: Solon Xenopoulos

  • CYIFF 2017 Digital photo and poster contest. Curator: Petra Terzi

  • Photographic exhibition “MY CYPRUS – A Personal View” with 13 Cypriot Photographers. Curator: Sarah Coyne-The Space Art For Charity in support of PASYKAF and Cancer Patients Support Group (CPSG)

c) “Women filming in Greece and Cyprus”– Sunday June 18, Pafos, 20:30 @ ATTIKON Cinema (Outdoor area), Pafos

A selection of films made by female directors in Cyprus and Greece will be screened during the festival for a new category; “Aphrodite Cinematic Award”.

d) “Masterclass International Film Co-production Development” – Saturday June 24, Pafos, 11:00-13:00 – Amphitheatre Neapolis University

SPECIAL GUEST: Anthony Skordis, Actor

Bach in Brazil” – 10 years co-production development with the acclaimed German film director and producer Ansgar Ahlers.

e) “Golden Aphrodite Awards Ceremony” – Saturday June 24, Pafos, 20:30 – Swimming pool, Neapolis University . Music program: Galina Dimova Georgieva

This year, Pafos as the Cultural Capital of Europe, attaches great glamour and shine to the festival. Apart from the artistic global interest, with a selection of 120 films from 95 countries from six continents, the festival gives a new opportunity for international participation to Greek and Cypriot directors. This is a step for new filmmakers to enter their first short film in the “CYIFF Got Talent” or the “Klaketa first” categories and also with the first feature film in the category of “Golden Aphrodite“. All other films are eligible for the Veteran’s category in feature and short films.The festival will also present this year-films by directors of diaspora in the “Nostimon Imar“.

Juries: The VIP Jury for the feature films in Golden Aphrodite and Veteran categories includes Bill Butler-Director of photography (Jaws by Steven Spielberg (1975), Rocky II (1979), Rocky III (1983), Rocky IV (1985), Grease (1978 etc), Vivek Singhania-producer, Anthony Skordi- actor, Wang Jingguang- film director and George F Roberson – producer, writer.

Among other cinephiles, Olyna Xenopoulou-actress/presenter ERT, Maria Palmer-film critic, Bejay Browne-film director, journalist, Yiota Nikolaides, Nikolas Demetriou and Yeliz Shukri-film director will select the best of documentaries, experimental, short films and animation in the various categories of the festival. Cinephiles from Pafos area are invited to join the independent jury committee.

The film screenings will be hosted in Pafos with FREE ENTRANCE from June 14 – 24 at the University of Neapolis Amphitheater, as well as at the renovated cinema ATTIKON on June 18, 19 and 20, in the programme “Celebrating PAFOS 2017-European Capital of Culture”.

The dream team:

1.       Petra Terzi, Founder, Film Director, Producer

2.       Maria Palmer, Film Producer, Programming, Film Critic

3.       Bejay Browne, Journalist, Film Director, Producer

4.       Wen Antoniades, Film Producer, Public Relations

5.       Christina Chourma, Field programmer, Communication tel. 99798112


11th DAY – Saturday, 24/9/16

11th #CyprusInternationalFilmFestival


17:00 – FREE ENTRANCE @ Amphitheater of Neapolis University



10th DAY – Friday, 23/9/16

11th #CyprusInternationalFilmFestival


17:00 – FREE ENTRANCE @ K – Cineplex, Kings Avenue

Roulette – David Japaridze, Georgia, 2016, 5′ @K-Cineplex  Q+A

Buchstabensuppe/Alphabet Soup – Stella Nikoletta Drossa, Greece, 2016, 14′  Q+A

Solo – Gia Kreselidje, USA, 2016, 17′  Q+A

Perched – Liam Harris, UK, 2016, 10′, 14/09/16, 5pm @ K-Cineplex  Q+A

Laika Stardust – Stefano Chiavarini, Antonin Ograve, Italy, 2016, 15′  Q+A

Red Peace – Rahim Toofan, Iran, 2016, 15′ @K-Cineplex

22:00 – FREE ENTRANCE @ K – Cineplex, Kings Avenue

Swing Away – Michael Nickles, USA, 2016, 98′, 23/9/16, 10pm @K-Cineplex  Q+A



9th DAY – Thursday, 22/9/16





CYIFF 2016 CYPress Veterans Award – 5  Feature films

The Cyprus International Film Festival presents the five feature films taking part at the festival, all directed by five experienced and talented film directors from Serbia, USA, Greece and Spain. A team of journalists in Cyprus will offer the CYPress Veterans Award to the best of them on the 25th of September in the Golden Aphrodite Awards Ceremony.


The Curse of Atreides – Dimitris Dimitroulias, Greece, 2016, 70′


A legacy full of massacres that the children of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra  are called to bear on their shoulders. Based on the myth of the Atreides. Orestes arrives near the Propylaea of ​​Mycenae, with his most loyal friend Pylades. Along with them is the educator who has undertaken the task to prepare Orestes to commit the successful murders of his mother Clytemnestra and her lover Aegisthus. He hasn’t still proceeded in practice but it is scheduled. Orestes slowly realizes that the action others have assigned him to carry out – a notorious revenge – without anyone being interested for its own viewpoint and position and relation to things. Thus begins to wonder and starts to question the value of all those. Verification of myth presupposes revenge and what does this mean for the essence of his own life? The tragedy at its peak.


The Man Who Defended Gavrilo Princip – Srdjan Koljević, Serbia, 2014, 156′


Synopsis: This is the story about the investigation and trial following the Sarajevo assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in 1914, which triggered the First World War. The courtroom drama is seen through the eyes of young attorney Rudolf Zistler, one of the attorneys appointed by the court to defend the 24 accused members of Young Bosnia and assassin Gavrilo Princip. Rudolf Zistler, the forgotten hero of this historic trial, was the only one who really defended the accused, in spite of the threats, and facing a danger of being lynched by Austrian officers. According to his own conscience, and skill, he bravely proved that the accusation for high treason was not legally valid, by proving that Bosnia was not legally part of Austro-Hungarian Empire, but just an occupied territory.


Lucky Stiff – Christopher Ashley , USA, 2014, 78′

Lucky Stiff Invite_new1

Synopsis: Young, down-and-out shoe salesman Harry Witherspoon (Dominic Marsh) takes his recently deceased uncle’s (Don Amendolia) body to Monte Carlo for one last hoorah. If Harry completes his uncle’s post-mortem request to the “T”, he will inherit the $6 million left to him. If he doesn’t, the money will go to the Universal Dog Home of Brooklyn.


Swing Away – Michael Nickles, USA, 2016, 98′


Synopsis: Following a meltdown that leads to a suspension, professional golfer Zoe Papadopoulos travels to her grandparents’ village in Greece to escape the spotlight of the international sports world. Between baking bread and eating baklava, she meets and mentors a ten-year-old girl who is determined – against all odds – to become the next golf sensation. Along the way, Zoe rediscovers her Greek heritage, her love of the game, and the hidden strength within herself as she inspires the townspeople in an epic showdown against a greedy American developer.


The Marionette – Antoni Caimari Caides, Spain, 2014, 84′


A beautiful young artist Barbara has died in a fire at her studio. Her death appearing to be accidental, has destroyed her sister Lorena, a talented photographer, to the extent that she has started seeing a specialist to overcome the trauma. With the help of the psychiatrist Fernando, Lorena tries to analyze her feelings and recover from the death of her sister, but her strong armor resists these efforts and affects her work so her first photography exhibition following the death of Barbara turns out to be a complete failure. At another expo Lorena’s work has been replaced with photographs of her model Elsa, also disguised as aMarionette doll, but in these ones she is dead. Who is the murderer with no apparent motive?


Golden Aphrodite Films

The Cyprus International Film Festival presents the eight first feature films from eight new film directors from Australia, France, Greece, Portugal, USA, Japan and UK.

Eight interesting stories all affected by the crisis and the problems caused by the escapism that the man has either because of emotional or economic reasons, as well as the power of the human soul to find the courage to survive.


Game of Checkers Patrícia Sequeira, Portugal, 2015, 87′


Synopsis: Following Marta’s wake, her five best friends decide to spend the night at a rural tourist getaway that Marta never got around to opening. That long night becomes a maze-like journey through their interconnecting friendships, where each reveals herself as it was the last day. On the eve of the burial, the talk is about life and a friendship that survived it all. But will this friendship be able to survive death?


Jasmine – Dax Phelan, USA, 2015, 80′ Q+A


Synopsis: A year after his wife’s murder, once-successful Hong Kong businessman Leonard To (Jason Tobin) is still reeling from the tragedy. Having lost his job, friends and all sense of order in his life, Leonard becomes obsessed with a mysterious stranger he sees at his wife’s grave, believing him to be responsible for her death..


Psychoromantic Wataru Shibata, Japan, 2015, 70′ 


Synopsis: A college boy, Tsubasa often enjoys chat with his best friend, Makoto, and Makoto’s girlfriend, Risa. However, he suffers financially due to a dismissal of his father from a company to work for, so his friend, Makoto tests his sexual ability by sleeping with him, to introduce him to a money making industry of prostitution. Then, relation of the three dramatically changes.


The Open Marc Lahore, France, 2015, 114′


Synopsis: Bombs have exploded. The war is global. Yet André and Stéphanie won’t give up: Roland Garros is their life, the reason why they live – their history. And come what may, they will organize their Open, whatever the cost. Even without rackets, even without balls, by the sheer strength of their faith. They believe in it. So hard they could even convince Ralph – a guerrilla from the plain – to join them, lay down his weapons, take his racket once more and try his luck in the final: Roland Garros! Three misfits, playing air tennis in the middle of nowhere, strive to dream – even though life is turning into a farce, even though the world is coming to an end.


Capsule Andrew Martin, UK, 2016, 92′



Synopsis: 1959.Guy is an experienced British fighter pilot who is in command of Britain’s first manned mission to space. He has trained for this for three years at the height of the Cold War and now he is alone in space, suffering Hypoxia, with a malfunctioning capsule. He has limited contact with the UK, some unusual communication with the US and some unorthodox communication with Tyuratam deep in Soviet Russia. Can he get home? Who will help him? Will he make the right choice?


Utopia Nikos Kourou, Greece, 2016, 78′ 

utopia poster 1

Synopsis: Once upon a time, Achilles, an average, hard-working man, loses his job and is forced to face the reality of the world in which he lives. He sees the corruption that has overtaken his city, the greed of those who run it, and the pain and poverty that has fallen upon the innocent … until one day he meets a strange little man who offers to show him a way to change his world. In desperation, Achilles accepts the little stranger’s invitation, and begins an odd journey, with the help of a few friends, to send a message to The Boss that they have had … enough! Achilles, an average, hard-working man, loses his job … but finds an odd little man who offers to help him change the corruption and greed that has overtaken Achille’s city. With the help of a few friends, and this odd little stranger, Achilles sets out on a journey to send the message that they have had enough!


Lewis & Klarq Neil Butler, USA, 2016, 88′

Synopsis: Aaron Clarke, a low-level music executive living in LA, returns to his hometown to help reach his alcoholic friend Lewis Balcolm. After an awkward intervention goes bust, Lewis leads Aaron out for a night of local music and mayhem. Over whiskey and pills, the men unpack the lingering injury surrounding their own band – a synthpop duo they formed as teenagers. When their differences come to a head once again, Aaron turns his back on Lewis only to encounter Lewis & Klarq’s biggest remaining fan. By showing him just how much their old songs mean to her, this diehard devotee inspires Aaron to reach his damaged friend through the passionate music they once made together as kids. With his abandoned creativity now threatening to resurface, Aaron heists his vintage synthesizers from his parents’ storage shed and sets the stage for Lewis’ real intervention – not to mention his own.


Dream of a Shadow Nikitas Ballas, Australia, 2016, 100′


Synopsis: Spiros is one of the many new migrants from Greece who seek a better life in Australia. But as soon he realizes, new dreams often come at a great cost.



11th Cyprus International Film Festival 14-25/09/2016

Open call for participation in the independent Jury.

The “‪CYPRUS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL‬” celebrates its eleventh edition this year and presents an interesting screening program in Pafos the dates 14-25 September 2016.


Those cinephiles who are interested to participate in the independent jury in Pafos can send an email to or call at 99798112.


The VIP  jury is constituted -among other filmmakers- by the acclaimed producers Vivek Singhania from India and George F Roberson from the USA, the awarded film director  Wang Jingguang from China as well as the legendary director of photography Bill Butler (Jaws, Rocky II, III, IV, Grease, Godfather etc).


Venues @ Pafos

The detailed program, includes 100 short and feature films of recent production coming from 37 countries which  is going to satisfy the most demanding viewer and anyone who wants to live the magic of cinema through the fresh positive vision of the young artists from all continents who compete for the “Golden Aphrodite” awards!


The magnificent venue of K-Cineplex  in Kings Avenue Mall and the Amphitheatre of the Neapolis Unversity will host the lovers of the Seventh Art and give a chance to pleasantly attend a marathon of screenings in Pafos to honor the place of the rising Goddess Aphrodite and the festival’s “Golden Aphrodite” award at the end of the festival. All film screenings are with free entrance to the public.


The parallel events include:

  1. a) The Workshop – Masterclass  “Your WHEEL of FAME” with the extraordinary  holistic therapist and energy healer Thalia Alexiou on Wednesday 21/9, 10:00-16:00 at the idyllic  Suite 48 in Pafos. Some highlights from the workshop are:
    -Are you ready to receive the OSCAR???
    -Your Wheel of Fame and how it works.
    -How we can harnish your Wheel of Fame by learning how the secrets of conscience and subconscience works?
    -You will increase the electromagnetic field of your own powers
    -You will learn what is the role of love, gratitude and how feeling it, has to do with your success.
    -There will be a number of meditations and you are going to have the chance to work personally with Thalia to manifest much faster your dreams or expectations.
    Cost: 150 euros per person
    0035799798112, 00306972080441


  1. b) CYIFF Holywood Breakfast, Saturday 17/9, 10am-1pm : “Presentation of original script idea to directors and producers and Papyrus Trinity Stars Network Pitch Package”.


  1. c) CYIFF Hollywood Industry Meeting – Workshop,  Saturday 24/9, 10am-1pm.


  1. d) Both of the CYIFF Moonshadows Party on Friday 16/9 and the CYIFF Stars Party on Saturday 24/9  will be held at Suite 48 in Pafos with live music.


  1. e) The Golden Aphrodite Awards ceremonywill be held in Technopolis 20 on Sunday 25/9, 20:00 in Pafos with artistic program from the ballet school In Shape of Klea Pitsilidou and the group of  latin and flamenco dancers Christina Kambanella, Jake Athanasiades and Maria Christodoulou. Free entrance.


The Cyprus International Film Festival is Under the Auspices of the Municipality of Pafos.


The communication sponsors are among others the CYBC, Ert World, Voice of Greece, Radio Pafos, Alithia Newspaper etc.


Video EN:


Cyprus International Film Festival – Member of Cultural International Festivals C.I.F.

T.+357-99798112, +30-6972080441 F.+30-2741303012 E.


Press release 27.09.15

10th Cyprus International Film Festival Awards

The 10th Cyprus International Film Festival was held in the romantic environment of “Technopolis 20″ in Pafos under the moonlight and the candlelight.

Several participants directors and cinefils attended the ceremony, as well as officials and press representatives, like Mr Giannis Anthis-Foreign relations of Municipality of Pafos, the Consul General of Malta Mr Michael J. Louisides and Fotis Nicolaides from Radio Pafos. The ceremony was presented by the director of the festival Petra Terzi with the representative of the independent jury Natalie A Dalheimer. Before the screening of the awarded short films “The Story Teller”, “Spooky & Linda” and the Golden Aphrodite winner feature film “Simshar”, there was a beautiful music program with Hercules Kyriakou and Irini Christou.

Declaration by VIP Member Jury Mr Xeyang Hu:

“My name is Xeyang Hu, a citizen of People’s Republic of China and by profession film director and producer, script writer and actor.
I am very honored to be a member of the Vip jury of the 10th Cyprus International Film Festival. It is a very high standard festival of independent filmmakers. There are 10 international movies from all over the world. I have seen all of them, and I see a sentimental, exquisite carefully prepared film festival, I am so glad to be here.
I am currently in Cyprus as I intend to prepare my next feature Film “IQ Zero”, an international co-production involving Chinese, European and US cinema agents. It will be a high budget project of about 10 million euros.

As Cyprus occupies a special geographical location at the junction of Europe, Asia and Africa and provides most of the specialized needs of this ambitious production we intend to shoot about 80% of the outdoor scenes locally. Of course we also plan to use a lot of the local production resources.

At this point I would like to stress the fact that our feature film, interalia, will promote the natural beauties and tourist facilities of Cyprus not only to the billion and a half market of China but also to the global market.”

 AWARDS 2015 – CYIFF 2015

A) Feature Films
“Golden Aphrodite” First shown Film Directors

1. Best Production Design in a Feature Film: Su Erdon / Jindaoxinxin “Ili river” (China)
2. Best Sets / Costumes in a Feature Film: Maria Papadopoulou – “Anemistiras” (Hellas)
3. Best Score in a Feature Film: Ve Linhua – “Ili river” (China)
4. Best Editing in a Feature Film: Ricky Rijneke and Nina Petrovna – “Silent Ones” (Netherlands)
5. Best Leading Actor in a Feature Film: Panagiotis Vogopoulos “The Lion of Penteli(Hellas)
6. Best Leading Actress in a Feature Film: Shared to a) Danai AndroulakiAnemistiras”(Hellas) & b) with Violeta Markovska “The Woman of my Life” (Bulgaria)
7. Best Script in a Feature Film: Anastasia Kozimpa“Dark Illusion” (Hellas)
8. Best Cinematography in a Feature Film: Gergely Pohárnok, Jean-Paul de Zaeytijd & Dirk Rijneke – “Silent Ones(Netherlands)
9. Best Director in a Feature Film: Rebecca Cremona – “Simshar” (Malta)
10. Golden Aphrodite: Rebecca Cremona – “Simshar” (Malta)
11. Nostimon Imar Award: Konstantinos Koutsoliotas – “The Winter(UK)
Golden Aphrodite VIP Jury:
1. Hu Xueyang, director – China
2. Vivek Singhania, producer – India
3. George Roberson, producer – Canada

B) Short Films
5 Got Talent

1. Best Short Film: Christian Wehrlin – Spooky and Linda(Switzerland)
2. Best Cinematography in a First Short Film: Andrzej Cichocki – Shadow Forest” (Poland)
3. Best Director in a First Short Film: Christian Wehrlin – Spooky and Linda(Switzerland)
4. Honorary Mention for the Story to the first animation short film by Akis Melachris & Melissaropoulos – “Oliloves” (Hellas)

CYIFF 2015 Veteran’s Short Films

5. Best Veteran’s Short Film: Andreas Sheittanis – The Story Teller” (United Kingdom)
6. Best Direction in a Veteran’s Short Film: Andreas Sheittanis – “The Story Teller” (United Kingdom)
7. Best Cinematography in a Veteran’s Short Film: Jeffrey Celis – “The Story Teller” (United Kingdom)

Nicosia and Pafos CYIFF 2015 independent Jury:

Maria Palmer

Natalie A Dalheimer

Chistianna Xenofontos

Kyriakos Kyriakou

Lucie Robson

Michalis Nikolaou

Yiannakis Chatzihannis

Paul Marcel Jones



Press Release, 25/09/15

SATURDAY 26/09, 19:00 @ ‪#‎CVAR‬, 285, Ermou str., Old Nicosia
The screening program @ #CVAR, is as follows:
19:00 Lion of Penteli by Takis Vogopoulos – Greece, Q+A
20:45 The Winter by Konstantinos Koutsoliotas – UK
22:15 The Ili river by  Wang Jingguang – China


Press Release, 24/09/15

THURSDAY 24/09, 22:30 @ ‪#‎CVAR‬, 285, Ermou str., Old Nicosia

22:30 Dark Illusion by Manos Karystinos – Greece, Q+A


10th Cyprus International Film Festival – The Best of the First! 

Screening program in Nicosia & Pafos

 CYIFF 2015 Old Nicosia CVAR-Severis Foundation screening program CYIFF 2015 Pafos Technopolis20 screening program CYIFF 2015 Pafos Neapolis Amphitheatre screening program



The Best of the First!

Banner Alithia

September 10, 2015

Press Release

10th Cyprus International Film Festival

Open call for participation in the independent Jury committee.

The “CYPRUS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL” celebrates its tenth edition this year and presents an interesting screening program in two cities, Nicosia and Pafos the dates 23-27 September 2015.

Those cinephiles who are interested to participate in the independent jury either in Nicosia or Pafos can send an email to or call at 99798112.

The VIP jury encounters among other filmmakers the producers Vivek Singhania from India and George Roberson from Canada as well as the acclaimed Chinese film director Hu Xueyang.

The analytical program, which will be announced in a few days, is going to satisfy the most demanding viewer and anyone who wants to live the magic of cinema through the fresh positive vision of the young artists from Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, UK, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, India, Poland, Malta and China who compete for the “Golden Aphrodite” awards!

The selected cultural venues and showtimes are intended to offer to the lovers of the Seventh Art a chance to pleasantly attend a marathon of screenings both of Nicosia and Pafos.

The Centre of Visual Arts and Research (CVAR/Severis Foundation), located in 285, Ermou Street in the heart of the walled city of Nicosia will host the festival screenings in the beautiful openair relaxed roof garden with a big screen.

Projections of films in Pafos will be held in two venues to honor the place of the rising Goddess Aphrodite and the festival’s “Golden Aphrodite” award, i.e. in the Amphitheatre of

the Neapolis University and in the outdoor area of the Cultural Center Technopolis 20.



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9th Cyprus International Film Festival

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 1.       CYIFF 2014 DOC TALENT – La solitude, Saul Cantero, Mexico

2.       CYIFF 2014 BEST MUSIC DOC TALENT – Rupestre, el documental, Alberto Zúñiga Rodríguez, Mexico

3.       CYIFF 2014 Greek GOT TALENT – Aishe is going on vacation,Haris Therapis, Cyprus

4.       CYIFF 2014 BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY IN GOT TALENT  –Troubled waters, Toufic Khreich, Lebanon

5.       CYIFF 2014 BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY IN VETERAN’s SHORT FILM – 2×0, Roman Reyes, Spain

6.       CYIFF 2014 BEST DIRECTOR VETERAN’s SHORT FILM – Dinner for few, Nicos Vakalis, USA

7.       CYIFF 2014 BEST VETERAN’s SHORT FILM – 5 ways to Die, Daina Papadaki, Cyprus



8.        CYIFF 2014 BEST PRODUCTION DESIGN IN A FEATURE FILM – Steficon, A place called home, Greece.

9.       CYIFF 2014 BEST  FILM EDITING IN A FEATURE FILM – Joshua Tree, Jeremy Dehn, USA-China.

10.       CYIFF 2014 BEST SETS / COSTUMES IN A FEATURE FILM –Reality Check, Sabrina Shumacher, Germany

11.    CYIFF 2014 BEST MUSIC SCORE IN A FEATURE FILM – A place called home, Anna Stereopoulou. Greece.

12.    CYIFF 2014 BEST LEADING ACTRESS IN A FEATURE FILM – A place called home, Myrto ALikaki, Greece.

13.    CYIFF 2014 BEST LEADING ACTOR IN A FEATURE FILM – A place called home, Elias Logothetis, Greece.

14.    CYIFF 2014 BEST SCRIPT IN A FEATURE FILM – A place called home, Maria Douza, Greece.

15.    CYIFF 2014 BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY IN A FEATURE FILM – A place called home, Zafiris Epaminondas, Greece.

16.    CYIFF 2014 BEST DIRECTOR IN A FEATURE FILM – Common Denominator, Sotiris Tsafoulias, Greece

17.    CYIFF 2014 BEST FEATURE FILM – GOLDEN APHRODITE – A place called home, Maria Douza, Greece.

 CYIFF 2014 "To Δένδρο και η Κούνια/The Tree and the Swing AKA A Place called Home", Μαρία Ντούζα/ Maria Douza, Ελλάδα-Σερβία/Greece-Serbia, 2013, 107' - Κοινωνική/Family

CYIFF 2014 “To Δένδρο και η Κούνια/The Tree and the Swing AKA A Place called Home”, Μαρία Ντούζα/ Maria Douza, Ελλάδα-Σερβία/Greece-Serbia, 2013, 107′ – Κοινωνική/Family


Press Release, 28.10.2013

The 8th International Film Festival ended on October 28 at Cine Studio with the anticipated Masterclass by the distinguished Director of Photography Olympia Mytilineou (” Strella », «Miss Violence» etc.) and the “Golden Aphrodite Awards “ceremony . The ceremony was presented by the Cypriot actrresses Fotini Michaelides and Christiana Theodorou . The artistic program of the evening was attended by the singers and vocal coaches Iphigenia Christodoulou and Antigone Photiou and the musician – singer Prodromos Stylianou . Screened as the closing film «The Broken Circle Breakdown» by the acclaimed Belgian Felix Van Groeningen, nominated for European Award «Lux» the screening was in cooperation with the European Parliament Information Office in Cyprus. Attended by several directors and members of the juries who participated in the festival , Olympia Mytilineou , Vivek Singkania , Christos Georgiou , Michael Georgiades , Chris Economides , Peter Galides, Nikos Peristianis , the Ambassador of Serbia to Cyprus and many guests . The sponsors of the closing ceremony were the Nespresso and Stella Artois.

AWARDS 2013 – CYIFF 2013

8th Cyprus International Film Festival Awards

A) Feature Films 
“Golden Aphrodite” First shown Film Directors

1. Best Production Design in a Feature Film: Nedeljko Bajić, Predrag Jočić, Jelena Mila – “Ice” (Serbia)
2. Best Sets / Costumes in a Feature Film: Mei Karamanidi and Louiza Karamouzi – “The Dragonphoenix Chronicles: Indomitable” (Greece)
3. Best Score in a Feature Film: Aleksandar S. Ilić – “Ice” (Serbia)
4. Best Editing in a Feature Film: Phillip Crawford – “Rites of Passage” (Australia)
5. Best Leading Actor in a Feature Film: Alex Skarbek “Find the Way” France)
6. Best Leading Actress in a Feature Film: Eliza Bennett “Confine” (United Kingdom)
7. Best Screenplay In a feature Film: Jonathan Taieb – “Find the Way” (France)
8. Best Cinematography in a Feature Film: Pedrag Jočić – “Ice” (Serbia)
9. Best Director in a Feature Film: Manuel de Coco – “Unknown Land” (Greece, Cyprus, Yemen)
* Golden Aphrodite: Jelena Bajić Jočić – “Ice” (Serbia) *
Audience Award in a Feature Film: Alexander Leontrites – “Final Payoff” (Greece)
Nostimon Imar Award: Stefan Georgiou – “Dead Cat” (Cyprus)
CYPRESS VETERAN`S AWARD: Vassilis Mazomenos – “10th Day” (Greece)
CYIFF RISING STAR: Rene Houwen “Foreigners”, “Heroin” (Holland)

B) Short Films 
CYIFF 2013 Got Talent

1. Best Short Film: Irina Izmestieva – “Picture Perfect” (United Kingdom)
2. Best Cinematography in a Short Film: Ben McKinnon – “KIN” (Canada)
3. Honorary Mention for the Cinematography: Nenad Todorovic – “Auftakt” (Cyprus)
4. Best Director in a First Short Film: Alessandro Grande – “Margerita” (Italy)
5. Best Experimental Short Film: Lasse Lorenzen – “Life” (Denmark)
6. Best Greek Film: Venetia Evripiotou – “Counting Happiness” (Greece, India)

CYIFF 2013 Veteran’s Short Films

7. Best Veteran’s Short Film: Damon Mohl – “The Diver” (USA)
8. Best Production in a Veteran’s Short Film: Ben Mole – “The Case of Mary Ford” (United Kingdom)

C) Various CYIFF 2013 Award Categories

9. Best Music Film: Kostas Pliakos, Alexis Ponce “Welcome to the Show: Pavlos Sidiropoulos’ Music Legacy” (Greece)
10. Best Dance Film: Tori Lawrence – “Elizabeth” (USA)
11. Best Animation: Fabian Giessler – ” Zweibettzimmer- Double Occupancy ” (Germany)

Linos Panagi, Diana Papadakis and Irena Ioannides

• CYIFF`S GOT TALENT BEST SHORT FILM – Picture Perfect, Irina Izmestieva, UK 
For the brilliant cinematic storytelling, the skillful directing approach, the realistic character development and the evoking feeling of nostalgia, reinforced by the amazing acting of John Carson.
For the unique, effective use of different techniques in creating an organic film that parallels a toy character with humanity’ s search for identity and meaning.
• BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY in SHORT FILM (both categories) – KIN – Director of Photography Ben McKinnon CAN 
For the visually stunning cinematic language that evokes emotions and creates an epic atmosphere without following a linear storytelling.
• HONORARY MENTION SHORT FILM CINEMATOGRAPHY – Auftakt- Director of Photography Nenad Todorovic CYP 
For the effective and exceptional lighting and movement, compositing artistically two contrasting visual themes: one of death and one of life.
• BEST DIRECTOR (short film both categories) – Margerita, Alessandro Grande, ITA 
For the realistic approach, unique visual style and directing skills that were all utilized in creating a solid visual story. For the humanistic cinematic portrayal of ethnic groups and cultural living environment.
• BEST PRODUCTION in SHORT FILM (both categories) – The Case of Mary Ford, Ben Mole, UK 
For the high-end, professional production of an unconventional costume drama film. For the production design, make up and sets and the overall production value and atmospheric result.
• BEST GREEK SHORT FILM (both categories) -Counting Happiness, Venetia Evripiotou, GRE/ IND 
For approaching the emotionally moving story of an Indian street boy with a fresh imagery. The film evokes feelings of happiness through a depressive, deteriorating set-up, transmitting effectively a strong message on what is important in life.
• BEST EXPERIMENTAL SHORT FILM (both categories) – Life, Lasse Lorenzen, DEN 
For the experimental parallelism of humanity with the animal kingdom in a conventional and cleverly achieved, domestic setup.
• BEST SHORT ANIMATION FILM- Zeibettzimmer, Fabian Giessler, GER 
For a visually interesting and technically advanced animation technique utilized to say a warmhearted story about friendship and companionship.
• BEST MUSIC/ DANCE (in short film) – Elizabeth, Tori Lawrence, USA 
An ode to dance as a higher form of expression, successfully portraying in a unique, experimental way, man’ s need to utilize dance in order to express everyday feelings.
Information, call 99798112,


“10η ημέρα του Βασίλη Μαζωμένου – Μέσα από την αφήγηση του Αλί (η χρήση του voice over στο μεγαλύτερο μέρος της ιστορίας μας θύμισε περισσότερο ντοκιμαντέρ παρά ταινία μυθοπλασίας), γίναμε συνοδοιπόροι σε αυτό το αντίξοο ταξίδι του νεαρού μετανάστη, ο οποίος αποφασίσε να εγκαταλείψει τη χώρα του για να μορφωθεί και να ζήσει ένα καλύτερο αύριο στην Ευρώπη (που μέχρι πρότινος δεν γνώριζε καν την ύπαρξη της), όταν κάποιος του την παρουσίασε ως άλλη “γη της Επαγγελίας”. Ο μύθος της Δύσης του πλούτου και των ευκαιριών, φυσικά, όπως και στην πραγματικότητα, καταρρίπτεται…. Από το Αφγανιστάν στο Ιράν και από την Τουρκία στην Ελλάδα, ο Αλί πέφτει θύμα του ρατσισμού και της εξουσίας. Δεν ζει το “δυτικό όνειρο”, αλλά έναν εφιάλτη, καθώς βιώνει στο έπακρο την απάνθρωπη πραγματικότητα που ζουν οι περισσότεροι μετανάστες σε μια ξένη χώρα. Σε μια Ελλάδα που η ξενοφοβία μαστίζει και η Χρυσή Αυγή προκαλεί τρόμο και πανικό σε αθώους πολίτες, η “10η Μέρα” μοιάζει πιο επίκαιρη, σημερινή και προφητική από ποτέ. Μας άρεσε πολύ η ιδιαίτερη της αφήγηση, η χρήση του voice over, τα ντοκιμαντερίστικα πλάνα, το γεγονός ότι προσεγγίζει το ζήτημα των μεταναστών με ένα πολύ δικό του τρόπο, χωρίς να φοβάται να μας δείξει κατάματα την ωμή πραγματικότητα. Ιδαίτερη στιγμή σε επίπεδο κινηματογράφησης ήταν η καταγραφή της τελετής της Ασούρα. Εκτιμούμε ιδιαίτερα το γεγονός ότι αν και δεν είχε καθόλου budget, η ταινία είχε αυτό το όμορφο τελικό καλλιτεχνικό αποτέλεσμα. Είναι ελπιδόφορο για τη νέα γενιά σκηνοθετών. Μπράβο!”


Όλες οι ταινίες είχαν ελλείψεις, αλλά ο ενθουσιασμός, η σκληρή δουλεία και η αφοσίωση των δημιουργών στο έργο τους δίνει λόγο για επιβράβευση και ελπίδα για ακόμα καλύτερες δουλειές στο μέλλον.
Information, call 99798112,

Δελτίο Τύπου, 26.10.2013

Invitation / Πρόσκληση

Press Release, 23.10.2013

Serbian Night 24/10/13

Press Release, 22.10.2013

After a solid start to the 8th International Film Festival with the world premiere of «Final Payoff», by the newcomer Alexander Leontaritis and «Dead Cat» by Cypriot Stefan Georgiou, greetings by the Minister of Education and Culture Mr Kenevezos, the Vice Mayor of Nicosia, Mrs Eleni Loucaidou and the Chairman of the Board of University of Nicosia Mr Nicos Peristianis, the festival screenings continue daily at the University of Nicosia ,ex Intercollege , 5pm – 8pm in the Amphitheatre Unesco with free admission. At CINE Studio there are daily screenings, two of the 18 feature films in the competition section “Golden Aphrodite” at 20:00 and 22:00 on a day 5 euros ticket . The free pass card to all screenings costs 25 euros .
New Directors,are filming in the spirit of love and creativity, by perseverance, patience and truth of youth. The next world premiere at the festival is the Cypriot comedy «Happy Hours», the first film of a British Steve Sullivan which will be held in the presence of the director Saturday, the 26th / 10, at 20:00 .
Among the innovations of this year`s event is the award «CYIFF Rising Star». Honorary Award – Tribute to an extremely talented upcoming director, Dutchman Rene Howen, for his first two feature films : «Foreigners» (2012), the screening will take place on 26/10 , at 18:30 and ” Heroin ” ( 2013) , the screening will take place on 27/10 , at 18:30 in the presence of the director and with free admission to the public.
Three feature films of veteran filmmakers competing for the «CYPRESS Veteran`s award», the prize for which voters are prominent journalists . The Greek movie “30 days of happiness ” by Dimitris Athaniti , the ” 10th day” of Basil Mazomenos , displayed on Wednesday, the 23rd / 10, at 18:30, while the French film “Une Lettre ne s`ecrit pas” of Guillaume Levil displayed with director`s presence on Wednesday, the 23rd / 10, at 20:00 in Cine Studio.
The International Film Festival of Cyprus gives viewers the chance to watch movies , most of which would not have the opportunity to advertise in Cyprus, except festivals. The parallel program includes Sunday 27/10 at 17:00 panel discussion on ” Contemporary European Cinema – Strengths and Weaknesses ” and Monday 28/10 at 17:00 the much anticipated Masterclass with the distinguished Director of Photography Olympia Mytilineou (« Strella »,« Miss Violence » , etc.).
The festival ends on October 28 at Cine Studio with the awards ceremony “Golden Aphrodite ” , at 20:00 . The ceremony will be presented by Cypriot actors Fotini Michaelides and Christiana Theodorou . In the evening cultural program are involved the singers and vocal coaches Iphigenia Christodoulou and Antigone Photiou and the musician – singer Prodromos Stylianou . The closing film is the Belgian «The Broken Circle Breakdown» by the acclaimed Felix Van Groeningen, nominated for European «Lux» award and displayed in colbaoration with the European Parliament Information Office Cyprus. The sponsors of the closing ceremony are Nespresso and Stella Artois.
Information, call 99798112,

Press Release, 11.10.2013

Ιn this edition of the Cyprus` International Film Festival 80 short and feature independent film productions will be screened from 26 countries. The majority of the feature films will be hosted at CINE STUDIO and all short films at the UNESCO Amphitheatre of the University of Nicosia.
Upcoming filmmakers point out by filming in the spirit of love and creativity, based on the persistence, patience and the truth of youth. This year`s edition program is being unfolded: from Comedies section and the Short Films screenings, which are both introduced for the first time, to Official Competition Section (Golden Aphrodite) like the first greek epic fantasy film “Dragonphoenix Chronicles: Indomitable”, as well as the film premieres in Panorama Section.
Within the framework of this dynamic, two feature films are going to be the opening films of the festival. Among the premieres, “Dead Cat” is the first feature film of the Cypriot film director Stefan Georgiou, who participates also in the official category “Nostimon Imar” and as world premieres the comedy “Happy Hours”, the debut film of British Steve Sullivan and “Final Payoff” of the first shown Alexandros Leontarites. The festival concludes with the finalist film nominated for the European Award “Lux”, in cooperation with the European Parliament Office in Cyprus, the Belgian film “The Broken Circle Breakdown” by the acclaimed Felix Van Groeningen. Among this year`s edition innovations, “CYIFF Rising Star” – a Tribute to an Exceptionally Talented Filmmaker, is dedicated to the Dutch talented filmmaker Rene Howen, who will present to the Cypriot audience his first two feature films “Foreigners” (2012) and “Heroin” (2013).
This year is the eighth year of the organization and we continue to promote both the Cypriot cinematography and Greek Cypriots directors who live abroad. «Nostimon Imar» will showcase also the Cypriot short films «Auftact» (2013) by Joanna Tsilides, «Cookies» (2013) by Andrea Sieitani and «Swinger» (2013) by Nicholas Papadimitriou.
The CYIFF has launched internationally: a) “Nostimon Imar”, a category of films with directors of Greek / Cypriot origin who live abroad, b) the “CYIFF Got Talent”, a category for filmmakers who compete with their first short films and c) the “CYPRESS Veteran`s Award”, the prize committee of which includes experienced journalists. The CYIFF gives moviegoers a chance to see films , most of which would not have the potentiality to be projected in Cyprus, apart from this festival.
The parallel program of the International Film Festival 2013 includes a Masterclass with the distinguished Greek Director of Photography Olympia Mytilineou («Strella», «Miss Violence» etc) and a discussion panel with the jury members «European Contemporary Cinema: Strengths and Weaknesses».
The CINE@ART Festivals Network (Non Profit Cultural Company) is the main organizer of the Cyprus International Film Festival (CYIFF). The CYIFF is the first international film festival with a “competitive section”, in the categories of feature and short films , animation, video art, dance, music , dedicated exclusively to emerging independent filmmakers . The festival offers an opportunity for emerging filmmakers from around the world to present their work in front of a distinguished jury and compete for the “Golden Aphrodite” award. This year`s VIP jury consists of the Cypriot director Christos Georgiou, the Greek actor Thomas Kindinis, the Greek director of photography Mytilineou Olympia , the Indian producer Vivek Singhania and the German director Oliver Kyr.
This organization operates on an annual basis since 2006, and was inaugurated by the late Minister of Education and Culture Mr. Pefkios Georgiadis. The Cyprus International Film Festival is the largest artistic value cinematic event of the wider region, surpassing the geographical boundaries of Cyprus, emerging as an event with global impact and incoming applications for entries from 95 countries. The festival is supported by the University of Nicosia, the Friends of Cinema Society, the foreign embassies in Cyprus, the private sector and it is under the Auspices of the Nicosia Municipality.
Petra Terzi 
CEO CINEART Festivals Network

Press Release, 8.10.2013


Friday 11 October,
12.00 noon 
Unesco Amphitheatre,
Europa building

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Press Release, 7.10.2013

Invitation / Πρόσκληση

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Press Release, 30.09.2013
























Press Release, 23.09.2013

8th International Film Festival , 18-28/10/13

Few Words About the Festival
Cyprus International Film Festival is the largest artistic event for independent films in the wider region. Surpassing the geographical boundaries of Cyprus became one global impact happening , with applications for participation from 95 countries ! The International Film Festival has already won cypriot public acceptance and revived his interest in cinema. It is known as a pioneer festival which pays great attention to European independent productions , wanting to declare that cinema is not only entertainment and fun, but it is also a mean of expressing concern , sensitivity , exploration and inspiration.
The CYIFF established internationally since its inception
a) ” Nostimon Imar ” category, of films with directors such Greek / Cypriot descent living abroad
b) “CYIFF Got Talent” category, for filmmakers and their debut short films
c) “CYPRESS Veterans Award”, the prize for experienced director given by a committee of discrete journalists 
d) and from this year “CYIFF Rising Star” distinction to an extremely talented upcoming director, such as the Dutchman Rene Houwen for his first two films feature Foreigners (2012) and Heroin (2013). The director will be present at the screenings.

The International Film Festival is under the auspices of the Municipality of Nicosia and the support including the University of Nicosia , the Friends of Film Society, Cyprus Tourism Organisation and foreign embassies in Cyprus . CINE @ ART Non Profit Cultural Society is the main organizer of the International Film Festival (CYIFF) with a network of international events such as film festivals in Cyprus, Peloponnesus and the Festival of New Talent . The CYIFF is a non -profit , based primarily on voluntary work by a group of Cypriot and Greek professionals, filmmakers and international film directors . This is an important meeting place for Greek and foreign filmmakers . The International Film Festival works consistently and artistic responsibility annually since 2006 and was inaugurated by the late Minister of Education and Culture Minister Pefkios Georgiadis.
The Cypriot films in this year
This year is the eighth year of the organization and we continue to promote both the Cypriot cinematography and Greek Cypriots directors who live abroad. At this year festival will showcase the debut feature film by Cypriot director Stefan Georgiou Dead Cat (2013) in the ” Golden Aphrodite ” and ” Nostimon Imar ” and short films Auftact (2013) Joanna Tsilidis , Cookies (2013) of Andrea Sieitani and Swinger (2013) Nicholas Papadimitriou .
Prize “Golden Aphrodite” this year is highlighted by five VIP member jury, such as the Cypriot director Christos Georgiou , the Greek director of photography Olympia Mytilineou, the German director Oliver Kyr, the Indian film producer Vivek Singhania, and the Greek actor Thomas Kindynis. The prize is for “The Best Debut feature film director” at a glittering ceremony to be held on October 28 at the end of the festival.
We screened a total of 80 feature and short films, independent films from 26 countries from 18 to 28 October at UNESCO conference and CINE STUDIO at the University of Nicosia.
The parallel program of the festival includes Sunday, the 27th / 10, 5pm – 6:30pm Panel discussion with members of the jury on ” Contemporary European Cinema: Strengths and Weaknesses ” and on Monday 28/10 , 5pm – 7pm a Masterclass with distinguished Director of Photography Olympia Mytilineou ( Strella , Miss Violence) and both events are open to the public.
On October 28 , at 7:30 pm will be held the Closing Ceremony and Award ceremony “Golden Aphrodite ” and at 10:00 pm will be the screening of the film “The Broken Circle Breakdown”, Felix Van Groeningen (2012), nominated for this year prestigious European Parliament LUX 2013.
Projections are with free admission 5pm -8pm in room UNESCO, while at CINE STUDIO features two films daily 8pm and 10pm with day ticket 5 euros . The general pass screenings ticket costs 25 Euros . The foreign language films have greek subtitles.
Info : , 99798112

Press Release, 8.06.2013

8th Cyprus International Film Festival official poster designed by Vince Fraser!

Press Release, 04.07.2013

Highlights from CINE@ART Network of Festivals in Greece and Cyprus!