This is a film about a great vision – and the people turning it into reality: the rebels of our day. The future of world energy lies in decentralized, clean supplies stemming 100% from renewable sources. That is the message of the film documentary POWER TO CHANGE – the energy rebellion.

Director Carl-A Fechner takes his audience on a journey through a country where hundreds of thousands of people are fighting for the energy revolution. Full of passion and hope, they accept setbacks and celebrate success. However, POWER TO CHANGE looks further afield. The film brings home to us why people in Ukraine fight with all they have left for a democratic energy system.

POWER TO CHANGE is the story of transition to a future that dispenses with fossil fuels and nuclear energy – told through portraits of the people making it happen. It is touching, moving, surprising and informative. With a great accompanying score and shot in lavish Cinemascope, the film has a clear message for its audience: Let us fight together – for a world that is sustainable and just!

Power to change – Carl-A. Fechner, Germany, 2016, 95′