Synopsis: The movie is inspired by the last moments of notorious Greek bandit Davelis. It concerns his conflict with the authorities as well as the outlaws of his time, his relationship with duchess of Plakentia, and his desperate effort for the mercy of Lord.



Producer: Takis Vogopoulos

Director: Takis Vogopoulos

Starring: Takis Vogopoulos, Kostis Antoninis, Maria Giannioti, Giannis Economou

Genre:  Adventure/Biograhy
Duration: 83′ 
Dialogues: Hellenic
Subtitles: English

Notes: The “Lion of Penteli” is a film based on legends and tales about life and action of notorious bandit named Davelis. I chose to take over all the basic fields of my production, in order to keep control of the realisation of my vision. Sources of my inspiration became some urban myths about 19th century’s bandits, greek nature, folk songs, shadow theatre, old movies about similar subjects, and comics as well (classics illustrated in specific). The plot ofthe movie leads to a dramatic end, followed by plenty of funny scenes that helped me construct the personality ofthe ultimate anti-hero Davelis.


THE LION OF PENTELI – 23/09, 19:30 @ Technopolis 20, Pafos & 26/09, 19:00 @ #CVAR, 285 Ermou str. Old Nicosia, Questions and answers with the director.