Synopsis: Germany, 2022: The young drone operator Lea, feels content about her daily life. By day she executes drone strikes for the European Army and leads a civil life with her boyfriend in her after work hours. As she reaches a new ranking status, her desire to adopt a child seems in easy reach. The army supports her in every way possible. As the day of the adoption approaches, Léa has to realize that her job is not without consequences for her life.

GA – Nintendo Warrior

2016, Germany

Producer: Linda Kokkores, Philipp Link

Director: Philipp Link

Genre: Drama, Science-Fiction

Starring: Petya Alabozova Ioachim Zarculea Tobias Loth Benedict Walesch Mia-Sophie Walesch

Duration: 17’40

Nintendo Warrior – Philipp Link, Germany, 2016, 18′, 22/9/16, 5pm @ K-Cineplex – Questions and Answers with the Director