This documentary, FREEDIM spent 12 years to deals with the Rastafarian people who lives in different regions of the world, Ethiopia, Jamaica, Belize, Los Angeles, and Japan to show their unique way of life and thought. Rastafarian movement is originally brought to this world by Marcus Garvey in early 1900. The African people brought to foreign land as slaves ruminated their feeling to the spiritual home, Ethiopia, the place they believed where god loves to be. Reggae music has spread  their idea and culture throughout the world and became one of the influential music genre nowadays. Alongside filming the Rastafarians, it shows many legendary Reggae artists, such as Bunny Wailer, Luciano, John Holts and more… They chose the way to love others instead of hating others. However life is not always easy to us. They also faced many problems, obstacles, and difficulties. This documentary shows the Rastafarian people in order to spread the positive messages and right acts will be the key to create better future for all people of the world.


“Freedim” – Hiroki Sugino, Japan, 2018, 74’