Press release 27.09.15

10th Cyprus International Film Festival Awards

 AWARDS 2015 – CYIFF 2015

A) Feature Films
“Golden Aphrodite” First shown Film Directors

1. Best Production Design in a Feature Film: Su Erdon / Jindaoxinxin “Ili river” (China)
2. Best Sets / Costumes in a Feature Film: Maria Papadopoulou – “Anemistiras” (Hellas)
3. Best Score in a Feature Film: Ve Linhua – “Ili river” (China)
4. Best Editing in a Feature Film: Ricky Rijneke and Nina Petrovna – “Silent Ones” (Netherlands)
5. Best Leading Actor in a Feature Film: Panagiotis Vogopoulos “The Lion of Penteli(Hellas)
6. Best Leading Actress in a Feature Film: Shared to a) Danai AndroulakiAnemistiras”(Hellas) & b) with Violeta Markovska “The Woman of my Life” (Bulgaria)
7. Best Script in a Feature Film: Anastasia Kozimpa“Dark Illusion” (Hellas)
8. Best Cinematography in a Feature Film: Gergely Pohárnok, Jean-Paul de Zaeytijd & Dirk Rijneke – “Silent Ones(Netherlands)
9. Best Director in a Feature Film: Rebecca Cremona – “Simshar” (Malta)
10. Golden Aphrodite: Rebecca Cremona – “Simshar” (Malta)
11. Nostimon Imar Award: Konstantinos Koutsoliotas – “The Winter(UK)
             Golden Aphrodite VIP Jury:
1. Hu Xueyang, director – China
2. Vivek Singhania, producer – India
3. George Roberson, producer – Canada

B) Short Films
5 Got Talent

1. Best Short Film: Christian Wehrlin – Spooky and Linda(Switzerland)
2. Best Cinematography in a First Short Film: Andrzej Cichocki – Shadow Forest” (Poland)
3. Best Director in a First Short Film: Christian Wehrlin – Spooky and Linda(Switzerland)
4. Honorary Mention for the Story to the first animation short film by Akis Melachris & Melissaropoulos – “Oliloves” (Hellas)

CYIFF 2015 Veteran’s Short Films

5. Best Veteran’s Short Film: Andreas Sheittanis – The Story Teller” (United Kingdom)
6. Best Direction in a Veteran’s Short Film: Andreas Sheittanis – “The Story Teller” (United Kingdom)
7. Best Cinematography in a Veteran’s Short Film: Jeffrey Celis – “The Story Teller” (United Kingdom)

Nicosia and Pafos CYIFF 2015 independent Jury:

Maria Palmer

Natalie A Dalheimer

Chistianna Xenofontos

Kyriakos Kyriakou

Lucie Robson

Michalis Nikolaou

Yiannakis Chatzihannis

Paul Marcel Jones