Dream of illumination poster webThis story is about a man who runs a real-estate business and has considerable power over the town due to exploiting an acident. It is also about his daughter who grew up at home.

A man moved to Rokujou four years ago. His name is Noboru Ueda.

He had been selling “the certain land” in Rokujou for foreigners as real estate agency one after another.

He has an only daughter whose name is Nana. She is a senior in high school.

Her family moved from one place to another due to her father’s business many times. As a result, the longest she has ever lived is Rokujou where she stayed for four years.

His business in Rokujou was about to finish. Ueda longed her to leave not only in Rokujou but also in Japan after her graduation.

However, she didn’t change her mind about staying as a native of Rokujou. After he understood what’s on her mind, he decided to reveal a secret to her in order that she can stay here (was caused confusion by him) for a long time.

«Hikarinotabi» (Dream of illumination) – Thunder Sawada, Japan, 2017, 90′