Synopsis: Alkis is an introverted photographer with a disorder of personality. Despite the strong relationship he has developed with his mother, he reaches in despair due to the tension that exists between her and his alcoholic father. As a consequence, he decides to leave the family home and move to his own place. A journalistic project he gets involved in will disturb his fragile personal balance with several parts of his current life being challenged. Trapped in a complex of contradictions, he will try to find the way that will redeem himself.

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Producer:  “European Youth Capital-Thessaloniki 2014”

Director: Manos Karystinos

Starring: Katerina Didaskalou (Emily), Yannis Malezas (Alkis), Nadin-Natalia Misailidou (Melina), Andreas I. Marianos (father), Zacharias Spanos (Ermis), Melina Chatzikonstantinou (Myrto), Dimitris Frangoulis (Costas), Ioanna Sidiropoulou (Eleni), Stamatis Papadopoulos (Christos), Pavlos Malezas (Alkis), Stathis Panagiotopoulos (newscaster)

Genre:  Drama
Duration: 72′ 
Dialogues: Hellenic (Greek)
Subtitles: English & Hellenic (Greek)


DARK ILLUSION – 24/09, 19:30 @ Technopolis 20, Pafos. 22:30 @ CVAR/Severis Foundation, Old Nicosia – Questions and answers with the director.