Children of Wind

Using a powerful song as narrative from a broadway show,the music of Charles Strouse and lyrics by Stephen Schwartz. Dedicated to my Father, who was taken from his home village from the Greek mountains through the Greek Civil war — to Hungary where grew up without seeing his family again. It takes on the journey of all people who have to leave their homeland behind due to any kind of racial atrocity, political force or economical hardship. It’s about the struggle that is universal and the dreams and hopes that lift us to be a human.

Lead actress/singer—Zoi Florosz supporting actors Krisztian Bako Zoltan Galambos Eszter Dobszai Andrea Lehoczki Bela Ficzere Fanny Ficzere

Children of Wind – Vas-Zoltan Ivan, USA, 2015, 5’– 18/6/17 @ Amphitheatre Neapolis University, Pafos, 15:00