Synopsis: Video art project ‘beweistheorie I’ (“proof theory”, term of David Hilbert) refers to the time of radical changes in understanding of mathematical axioms – foundational crisis in the beginning of 20th century. Exactly at the same time art was loosing ground of realistic depiction and there was started a revolutionary era of modernism – suprematism, dada, surrealism, etc. Curiously, both areas (art and math) haven’t resolve its foundational problems till present. Using this metaphore, the artwork explores relations between different symbol systems and develops its own visual language to represent key ideas of this research – some open questions in art and number theory. Some results are shown indirectly (e.g. original prime numbers sequences) — black paintings can help curious viewers to unravel this strange visual maze.

Beweistheorie I

2016, RUSSIA

Genre: Experimental, short

Producer: Artem Tarkhanov, Anastasiya Sovashchenko

Director: Artem Tarkhanov

Starring: Artem Tarkhanov

Duration: 6′

Language: English
Subtitles: Greek

Beweistheorie I – Artem Tarkhanov, Russia, 2016, 6′